what yet may be
Alas, I am sad to say, this web page is definately on my list of future projects. Updating this page really isn't any sort of livelyhood, except as a means of promoting Mister Blank and my other freelance stuff. I will finish this page, slowly but surely, but rent comes first.
To be honest, I also have other concerns about posting ideas for potential projects on the web. Mister Blank and the Genetic Anomalies stuff is all copyrighted up the wazoo, and I have the lawyers to prove it. The other, less finished stuff, is not quite so protected. There are those people out there who scan the web for ideas to steal (probably the same creeps who dig through the trash at Kinko's). I'm not saying someone as nice as you would do such a thing, but those people are out there.
Rather than go through and copyright all of my sketchbooks, I am considering changing this section of the blank page to something else. I'm not sure what, but if you have a good idea, by all means, let me know. So far I've had some great suggestions for Mister Blank files (like fan art, desktop patterns, etc), message boards, and of course, porn (which would violate my parole ^_^).