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Slave Labor Graphics
Far and away, the most amazing and superior comic book publisher in the history of everything. And I'm not just saying that because they publish my book, Mister Blank. They also happen to publish the motherlode of quality alternative comics. Books like Dork, Skeleton Key, Johnny the Homicidle Maniac, and Axis Mundi, to name but a few. So what if they update their web page about as often as the national census? That just means they're devoting that much more time to putting out really good books.

Kris' Comics Pages
Lots of information on cutting-edge alternative comics, particularly ground-breaking Sci-Fi and Fantasy. A good source of comics that really push the envelope.

Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources
A HUGE site with lots of stuff, for both indy comics and mainstream. Message boards, news, a chat room. All sorts of goofy fun stuff for the fanboy in all of us.

The Comics Journal Message Board
Comic book discussion on the heady end of things.

Bentley's Home Page
An opportunity to pick the heads of some up-and-coming comics creators, as well as some sneak peaks at their book, Totems.

The Comic Book Depot
An extremely comprehensive comic book sight. Previews, reviews, rumors, you name it. Even a "classified section" for buying and selling comics and related merchandise. Give it a whirl.

Literary Works by Comic Artists Gallery
An amazing page- literary fifures and characters illustrated by such comic book notables as Will Eisner, Moebius, and Rick Geary. Definately worth a visit.

THE MASTER LIST of Comic Book & Trading Card Stores
Looking for a comic book store in your area? This site has a comprehensive list of store all over the US. A fantastic resource.

Hardline Studios
Producers of a wide variety of independent superhero comics, as well as the intriguing new gothic horror comic, Bloodlust.

Literary works by comic artists gallery
An AMAZING site jam packed with fantastic art. It features famous characters and authors from literature, beautifullyy rendered by some of the greatest artists ever to grace the comics medium. A definite must-see.

Genetic Anomalies
Home to the newest sensation in internet gaming- Chron X. Its a strategy game where users around the world amass key assets and operatives and attempt to snuff out the competition. Its in real time, and its dangerously addictive!

The Blizzard Homepage
Makers of such quality games as Diablo and Warcraft, Blizzard produces the best and most refreshing games since Doom hit the market. If you have any interest whatsoever of wasting some quality time, check out what they have to offer.

Welcome to The Street Fighter Training Grounds!
A kick-ass site with lots of FAQ's and screen shots from the greatest fighting game on Earth!

ZAP Power Force
A homepage devoted to perhaps the coolest action figure you can get for three bucks. A must see for lovers of obscure Japanese toys that have been badly repackaged for a jaded American audience.

If you have no idea what a zoid is, you must go here. Mechanized dinosaurs, animals, mythical beasts, and so on. Well designed and all-around a good toy. Wal-Marts sometimes have them on clearance. Why? Because little kids are stupid.

Hobby Link Japan
A great place to pick up Gundams or other Japanse import toys for very little yen

The De-Central Intelligence Agency
A great page chock full of reports and conpiracy theories, more along the lines of "the government is run by evil bastards" rather than "the government is run extraterrestrial vegens". Very anti-establishment.

The Fortean times
Homepage to one of my favorite magazines- Fortean Times, the Journal of Strange Phenomenum. Just like the name says. Everything from Bigfoot to exploding vegetables. Smartly written, and with enough sense of humor that it doesn't make you feel creepy. An absolute must for X-files lovers.

Laughing Jack
For all you nature lovers and pagans out there, Laughing Jack has a wide array of garden accesories and plant people. Be wary of the site's owners, though. Their medication was lost in the mail, and I suspect they've given up on pants altogether!

Sick of trying to pick a search engine? Metacrawler unites the collective searching power of every engine on the net. Send a topic, and it automaticlly bounces off of AltaVista, Webcrawler, and the rest. It can be a bit slow, but it's a lot faster than visiting every search engine individually.

Another meta search engine. Only in it's Beta stage, but already pretty damn good!

TheSpark.com DEATH TEST!
A quick and easy survey that will tell you WHEN AND HOW YOU WILL DIE. Useful info.

The Lycos Image Galleries
A great resource for artists, and anyone else in desperate need of a picture of a Chinese jeep at 4 am.

The Rotten Homepage
Lots of truly yucky stuff here for your delight! Not for the weak of heart. Not really for the average of heart, either. Don't say I didn't warn you!

The Simpsons Archive
An exhaustive study of the greatest television show of all time ever hands down. These dedicated souls watch every episode frame by frame and pass every delicious joke on to you!

Comedy Central Online
Lots of fun stuff. Games. Downloads. All sorts of funny goodness. It really doesn't suck!

Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy
Read these in small doses, or I swear you will hurt yourself.

The Canonical List of WEIRD Band Names
Pretty funny, not to mention a useful reference if you're forming your own band.

Independent Comics Webring

This is site is a proud part of the Independent Comics Webring. The only hope left for comics on the face of the earth. If you love quality comics, and I know you do, take a trip around the ring, and witness the glory of the oldest medium on the face of the Earth.

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