let's all sell out! mister blank

Let me just start out by saying that this is all just for fun. There's no Mister Blank movie in the works, and there probably won't be one for quite a while. If you happen to disagree with any of my choices here, have some suggestions, or even some better photos, by all means, e-mail me. Anyhow, enjoy!

A tough role to cast, since Sam really isn't supposed to look like anybody. But John Cusack definately has the basic good looks and empathetic charm to pull the role off. A great screen presence, solid comedic timing, and he looks good in a suit.
Runners Ups
1. Tim Robbins
2. Drew Carey

Jennifer Anniston has a humble yet appealing beauty, both in appearance and manner, and I think the chemistry between her and Mr. Cusack would be excellent. The only problem is she would need to change her hair style.

Oh, come on. I shouldn't even need to explain this one. Patrick Stewert is Charles Locke.

Michelle Forbes has that weird sexual intensity, and I think she would bring a sultry dimension to this role. The only regert is that we'd never get to hear that sexy throaty voice.

Ixcel's another tough call. I think Dan Hedaya has that weird, high-strung, psychotic thing going nicely. Slap some nice thick glasses on him, and he's all mad scientist, baby.
Runner Ups
1. Jean "Moebius" Giraud
2. Alan Arkin

Slightly more stable and mature than his brother Ixcel, Wuxol is another toughy. My choice is Dustin Hoffman. Great actor, great nose, and enough of a resemblence to Mr. Hedaya that they can pass for brothers.

Militant, tightly-wound guy with a thick neck. Sounds like Henry Rollins to me.

Not only is Liam Neeson a superb actor with an imposing prescence, he's got the height and the schnoze to be the mysterious ruskie.

Yes, that's Val Kilmer. He sucked as Batman, yes, but I chose him for the mental robot assassin.I can't explain my reasons for this. Someday it will make sense, though. I promise.
Runner Up
1.) Julian Sands

Yup, Mel Gibson as the sober but stable Regent. He has a deep, intelligent voice. Don't think the irony of casting Mel Gibson as a voice is lost on me. I, too, remember the strange voice they dubbed over him in "Mad Max".

Ed Asner can play a big plushy tyrant of a boss in his sleep. No fancy CG required. Just a little delivery from the diaphragm, and he can easily be as imposing as his comic book counterpart.

Hey, everybody loves Wishbone! She'd even bring her own collar!