Comic Book Resources

The largest comics-related site on the Internet. Your one-stop source for everything about comics. Message boards, chat, on-line comics and the latest news and editorials.

Slave Labor Graphics

The fine and honorable publishers of such rags as Mister Blank, Life of a Fetus, and Milk & Cheese.

The Comic Journal

The snobby side of comics. Good site for industry rumors, and to see how deep some people like to stand in their own wood pulp.

Planet Unreal

Do you like to make people blow up? I know I sure do. Hard-core gaming, not for those with heart problems or moral qualms.

Shockwave Games

Video games, old-skool style. Defender, Spy Hunter, Joust and many more, all right in your browser. You'll need the latest shockwave plugins.


Internet-based radio, with many, many channels. A great place to find out about new music. I recommend the Trip Hop channel.


The best place, in my humble o', to get mp3s in these dark days after the fall of Napster. Some files are blocked, but not to those with a bit of patience!

Virtual TV

A good place to check out all kinds of videos, especially the music videos you always hear about but seldom see.


An interactive children's book, done entirely in Flash. The best, non-pornographic thing I've ever seen on the Web. Beautiful, and mind-blowing.


Twisted, hilarious goodness from the people that brought you Ren & Stimpy. Make sure you have the Flash plugin!


A veritable butt-load of funny Flash cartoons, that the FCC can't lay a hand on! Good for when the TV breaks.

Projecto Golden Shower

No, it's not what you think- unless you think it's a funky Atari-style video set to tripped out Brazilian electronika.

Then you'd be correct.

Fortean Times

The official website for my fav magazine. Strange phenomena and cosmic weirdness, analyzed with just a hint of British sarcasm.

I Sea Creatures

Do you dare see what strange toys and images come from the mind of a MADMAN? Well, why the hell not? Get yer Flash plugin on and come check it out!


The one stop shop for all of your meat and fetish-related needs! Seriously, I'm not kidding. Meat, bondage, and plenty of it. Not for the faint of heart or slow of connection.

First Gear Territories

More characters than War and Peace, and more robots than Epcot! Check out the larget, most epic one man show on the Web!

Man Beef

I know what you're thinking, and you're sick. But in this case, you're not sick enough. Man is the site for those with more exotic culinary tastes. Give a visit and have some genuine human meat shipped overnight. Mmmmm, being wrong never tasted so right!